The fish

Fish and other products, this is how we shop

We are lucky because we have the Adriatic Sea under our feet, but not always a seaside restaurant is synonymous with quality and freshness of the used products. What we would like to let you know, is that we are freshness addicts, so every morning at dawn we buy fish from the local fishermen to ensure the best available product.

Ours was a fishermen family and since more than 45 years we are the absolute reference point for those wishing to enjoy a cuisine of the highest quality proposed in a simple and creative way. 

Scirocco 36 is a brand that identifies the fish to be eaten fresh and certifies all stages of the supply chain, from capture at sea up to the marketing of the products at retail, and restaurants. The certificate issued by an authorized Control Third board (in compliance with UNI CEI EN 45011) ensures that the products under the brand Sirocco 36 belong to the category Extra – A freshness, and they reach the final consumer within 36 hours from the auction sale at the fish market.